A distinctive feature of PTF is our network of highly experienced development professionals, drawn from multilateral development banks, bi-lateral aid agencies, foundations, the private sector, and non-profit organizations. Our members serve as volunteers and consultants over a wide range of countries, sectors and thematic areas.

  • Haleh-Headshot-1

    Haleh Bridi

    EXPERTISE: anti-corruption

  • 20221108_055934

    Marjory-Anne Bromhead

    EXPERTISE: environment; climate change

  • 2021-09 Matthias Einmahl

    Matthias Einmahl

    EXPERTISE: good governance & anti-corruption; procurement

  • Sabine-e1549557185463

    Sabine Engelhard

    EXPERTISE: procurement reform, legal governance, anti-corruption and capacity building

  • HadyFink-1024x768

    Hady Fink

    EXPERTISE: good governance & anti-corruption; health; private sector

  • Screen-Shot-2015-05-11-at-1.01.04-PM

    Uta Giebel

    EXPERTISE: organizational development; change management; sustainability

  • Vivien Gyuris Photo

    Vivien Gyuris

    EXPERTISE: education; inclusion in education; corruption in education

  • Philipp Jahn

    Philipp C. Jahn

    EXPERTISE: legislative reforms; elections; political parties

  • IMG_8922-800x534

    Lars Jeurling

    EXPERTISE: public sector management; procurement; legislative reforms

  • carola

    Carola Kaps

    EXPERTISE: Media outreach

  • franz

    Franz Kaps

    EXPERTISE: public sector management; legislative reforms; networking

  • 20201031_150146-scaled

    Casey Kelso

    EXPERTISE: advocacy and strategic communications; human rights; ethics and anti-corruption

  • christoph

    Christoph Kowalewski

    EXPERTISE: ethical leadership; compliance and integrity management systems; collective action

  • millett-2

    Karin Millett

    EXPERTISE: good governance & anti-corruption; private sector; natural resources

  • Donal-1

    Donal O’Leary

    EXPERTISE: infrastructure, water & sanitation; procurement

  • FHR ID '22

    Fawzi Rihane

    EXPERTISE: program development; policy formulation; resource mobilization; cofinancing

  • Picture1

    Ina-Marlene Ruthenberg

    EXPERTISE: governance, development; environmental management/climate change

  • thumbnail_View recent photos

    Katrina Sharkey

    EXPERTISE: economic development; governance

  • thumbnail_sarahlaurenharris_2016-1_colour

    Sarah Steingrüber

    EXPERTISE: global health; anti-corruption

  • Expert_WillemStruben

    Willem Struben

    EXPERTISE: good governance and anti-corruption, civil society capacity building, public sector management

  • margret_thalwitz

    Margret Thalwitz

    EXPERTISE: public sector management; infrastructure; natural resources

  • CV pic LAO_7320cor HDrev

    Erich Unterwurzacher

    EXPERTISE: public sector reform; energy, climate, and environmental policies; infrastructure

  • PietronellavandenOever-27Jun2022

    Pietronella van den Oever

    EXPERTISE: sustainable development; good governance of natural resources; rural development

  • Picture1

    Johannes Vollmer

    EXPERTISE: green and renewable energy; climate action

  • P1170795

    Marie-Carin von Gumppenberg

    EXPERTISE: anti-corruption; compliance; elections; evaluation

  • 2022 Konrad Bogor Nur Kopf FIP08408

    Konrad von Ritter

    EXPERTISE: Europe political development; development finance; climate change; renewable energy

  • Picture

    Christine Wallich

    EXPERTISE: public finance; development finance; anti-corruption and public sector governance (including procurement); corporate governance (including NGOs)

  • Weitbrecht-Portrait

    Lukas Weitbrecht

    EXPERTISE: legislative reforms

  • Jacek Business Photo

    Jacek J. Wojciechowicz

    EXPERTISE: anti-corruption; business ethics; diversity; communications; infrastructure