Our Organization

PTF Europe is an independent not-for-profit organization, the European affiliate of the Washington DC-based Partnership for Transparency (PTF).

In Europe, we registered as PTF e.V.  (“eingetragener Verein”) under German law in the Munich Registry Court in January 2014, as an independent German not-for-profit organization, based in Munich.

Together with PTF and its other affiliates (Asia, Africa, PTF India), PTF Europe carries out projects, both combined and separately, as described on this website.

Our vision and mission

Vision: Partnership for Transparency e.V. (PTF Europe) strives to improve governance, increase transparency, promote the rule of law and reduce corruption (UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals, Goal 16). We strongly believe that citizens are instrumental in resolving their communities’ governance challenges. Together with strong civil society organisations (CSOs) they can hold governments accountable.

Mission: PTF Europe is convinced that the best way to bring about accountability, transparency and rule of law and to reduce corruption is through strengthening locally-led civil society organizations in developing and emerging countries. They are the best equipped to empower citizens and to constructively engage with authorities.

Our Services


PTF Europe offers highly experienced international advisers with ‘hands-on’ experience of working with civil society on a wide range of topics, available to assist CSOs in developing plans, monitoring implementation and evaluating impact.


PTF Europe can serve as a link among civil society organizations with common goals and challenges to promote exchange of experience and mutual support networks worldwide.


PTF Europe can draw on global best practices for adaptation to local conditions and extract lessons for world-wide knowledge sharing


PTF Europe provides services to enhance institutional development and to strengthen citizen engagement, to qualify them for potential support by aid agencies and international financial institutions

Past and Current Project Locations