Our approach

Supporting CSOs working on anti-corruption and promoting good governance and transparency is the cornerstone of our work. In this regard, gender equality is at the very heart of human rights. We seek to help eradicate social structures and power relations that foster corruption and gender and other discrimination in all programs in which we are engaged. We do this by supporting CSOs engaged in Third Party Monitoring (TPM) of procurement, budgets and expenditures, service delivery, and the implementation of policies and legislation. We also support CSOs and journalists advocating for more transparency and integrity.

Through partnerships we build presence in communities, empower citizens and initiate networks for national level monitoring and advocacy. The CSOs we work with often have a specific sector orientation such as environment, education and health. PTF Europe, through its world-wide access to expertise in such areas, is in a good position to provide support on governance and anticorruption in these areas. Thus, CSOs supported by PTF Europe have a strong foundation for complementing government and donor programs for good governance and anticorruption. The association with PTF Europe also enhances CSO credibility and independence.

Mobilization of Financing

Through our contacts with both CSOs and the donor community, we are able to identify sources of financing for CSO projects compatable with PTF Europe’s mission statement. We help CSOs to develop a financing plan and apply for project financing.

Assistance during execution

PTF Europe’s involvement may take the form of various combinations of advice, research, assistance with project design, mobilization of funds, training and lending multi-year support. We have extensive expertise in a number of sectors, among them climate change, procurement, education, health services delivery and accountability in the judicial system.

Our regional focus

PTF Europe concentrates its involvement in those countries in which there is a combination of different factors: 1) we have worked in the country with various partner CSOs in the (recent) past; 2) The partner CSO have expressed keen interest in continuing to work with PTF Europe; and 3) Both donors and partner CSO are interested in scaling up operations and stepping up collaboration with PTF Europe.

As the European affiliate of PTF, PTF Europe concentrates on projects in the Western Balkans, Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, and Central Asia, although its individual members also serve as experts worldwide and may benefit from the assistance of PTF members.

Given its EU PADOR registration, PTF Europe is also the PTF affiliate entitled to EU calls for proposals around the world, limited to EU registered CSOs.