Our Board



PTF Europe has a volunteer board of five members under the chairmanship of Haleh Bridi, a former World Bank official residing in Brussels and Washington DC. The board is being elected every two years by the members. The board holds regular online meetings to supervise the organization’s activities and projects.

Members of the PTF Europe Board:

Haleh Bridi, PTF Europe Chairperson since 2021
About 40 years of development experience at the World Bank, IFC, and the OPEC Fund
As PTF Europe Chairperson, focusing on fundraising, member recruitment, and strategic planning.

Lars Jeurling, Deputy Chairperson of PTF Europe since 2014 and member of PTF US since 2004
Development economist, specialized in infrastructure; former World Bank official
Participation in drafting applications for EU calls for proposals, oversight over PTF Europe activities, strategic development of PTF Europe.

Franz Kaps, Chairperson of PTF Europe (2014-2021) and PTF US member since 2010
Lawyer, former World Bank official
Treasurer of PTF Europe, focusing on networking.

Erich Unterwurzacher, PTF Europe Board Member since 2023
Economist specialized in infrastructure, energy investment, sustainability and financial management
Former official of the OECD and EBRD, most recently at the European Commission.

Johannes Vollmer, PTF Europe Board Member since 2021
Expertise in decarbonization policymaking and climate action initiatives, participation in project development for PTF, support to drafting proposals and strategic planning, with an emphasis on green energy and environmental topics.

Annual meetings

The PTF Europe board is the governing body of the organization. At its annual membership meetings the board presents the organization’s activities and financial transactions of the preceding year. The PTF Europe membership assembly elects the Board for a two year period and has to exonerate the Board on an annual basis.

PTF Europe’s strategic directions and how it aims to present its products and skills more effectively is a key focus of the annual membership meetings.