EXPERTISE: education; inclusion in education; corruption in education

Vivien Gyuris is an education specialist from Hungary. Vivien has around 20 years of experience in the field of education, especially inclusion in education. She has worked with the World Bank, Council of Europe, Roma Education Fund, Inclusion Expert UK – International Forum of Inclusion Practitioners, Milestone Institute, and Pressley Ridge Hungary. Vivien is specialized in education program and portfolio management, strategic partnership building, and resource mobilization in education. She is also skilled in education policy analysis, education sector planning and monitoring, and researching learning outcomes. She has also:

Developed M&E frameworks and performance monitoring for schools and projects of inclusion in education. 

Conducted training internationally and provided expert services for donor-funded, bilateral and multilateral projects. 

Worked extensively on projects of early childhood education, inclusive teaching practices, trauma-informed learning and teaching (NMT-NME), mainstreaming inclusion, inclusive school development, post-COVID recovery policies and remedial plans in education. 

A certified evaluator of development programs: member of the International and European Development Evaluation Associations (IDEAS & EPDET). Doctorate candidate in Inclusive Education Policy at the University of Glasgow.

Country Experience
Central and Eastern Europe
Western Balkans