This 3 month pilot project initiated in the fall of 2022 seeks to promote standards of integrity and transparency in humanitarian assistance in Odesa, Ukraine. It is being implemented by PTF Europe jointly with the Committee of Voters of Ukraine (CVU) Odesa. The project aims to map compliance and integrity risks, as well as humanitarian aid providers and their training needs. Around 80 volunteer groups have worked in Odesa since the start of the war, and they have been instrumental in the delivery of aid to people in need. However, they are usually not eligible to receive funding from international donors due to complex and rigid compliance requirements, along with lengthy due diligence processes. In the long-run, the project aims to bring together Odesa humanitarian providers under a collective compliance approach through capacity building, peer support, third-party monitoring for compliance, and integrity promotion. It is anticipated that the project will have replication potential for other parts of Ukraine.

Odesa, Ukraine

Program Partners

CVU Odesa

Program Funder

PTF Europe

Our Implementing Partner

The Committee of Voters of Ukraine (CVU) Odesa is implementing the pilot project in Odesa. The organization has since the late 1990s engaged in election training and monitoring, gradually expanding into broader democratization support. Over the past 15 years, it has joined and created national NGO networks on its own account, independent of the national CVU organization. CVU Odesa coordinates the national monitoring projects “For the Transparency of Local Budgets” (USAID-funded) and “Performance Review of Local Council Deputies” (NED-funded).