Our Local Partners

We partner with a range of local civil society organizations (CSOs) in piloting and growing projects that advance transparency, public accountability, good governance and rule of law in the countries we operate.


SAVE Ghana is PTF Europe’s implementing partner in the “BRIDGE-GAP: Reduction of the Gender-Specific and Regional Education Gaps in Northern Ghana” project, funded by the Schmitz Foundation.


IDIS “Viitorul” was established in June 1993 as a not-for-profit in Moldova. Its mission is to contribute to the growth of an independent thinking environment in Moldova and in other emerging democracies; to assist in the creation of a modern, viable and open market-economy; to assist in the expansion of a civil society in which the citizens act together to express their own interests; to exchange information; and to strive for mutual goals and influence government.

IDIS has implemented six projects and produced a number of policy notes on procurement in addition to many projects and policy notes in other areas. IDIS staff and consultants have acquired considerable expertise in detecting and analyzing how procurement laws and best practices are circumvented at the expense of society at large. They have also developed skills in designing a framework to prevent such practices which is indispensable for the development of a transparent and efficient procurement system. IDIS partners with regional governments, state agencies and private companies/contractors working towards building such a framework and committed to operating within it. IDIS is the founder of the National Business Agenda, a partnership with a wide range of private partners, including clusters of industries and business associations. The National Business Agenda assists partners building institutional capacity, enrich public-private dialogue and forge coalitions to boost regulatory policies.


Helvatas – Myanmar: Helvetas is one of the leading Swiss CSOs which was founded in 1955; it has over 60 years of experience in international cooperation. In 2013, it started working in Myanmar, focusing mainly on the livelihoods sector, addressing challenges related to improving on and off farm productivity, skills development, employment, and income options for rural people, with special attention given to disadvantaged, at risk and vulnerable groups. In 2016, PTF e.V. won an EU-grant with Helvetas as leading applicant. It has implemented the PEACE program in a consortium with PTF Europe and the Local Resource Centre (LRC).


The Committee of Voters of Ukraine (CVU) Odesa is implementing the pilot project in Odesa. The organization has since the late 1990s engaged in election training and monitoring, gradually expanding into broader democratization support. Over the past 15 years, it has joined and created national NGO networks on its own account, inde- pendent of the national CVU organization. CVU Odesa coordinates the national monitoring projects “For the Transparency of Local Budgets” (USAID-funded) and “Performance Review of Local Council Deputies” (NED-funded).

The Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) is among the top schools in Central and Eastern Europe, preparing the next generation of world-class economists. KSE was selected by PTF as its local Ukrainian partner for implementation of the training program for the Ukrainian civil society organizations within the project “Improving Transparency and Effectiveness of Public Procurement in Ukraine through Cooperation with Civil Society” funded by the EBRD and PTF.